"Adult oriented, light-hearted tone to disguise some brutally hard gameplay. One that I believe will turn out to be incredibly rewarding." - HardcoreGamer

"Asura looks like a nice, vibrant place to be, as long as you don't get stabbed in the back …" - Kotaku

"This console-style RPG, with roguelike elements, takes classic fairytales and twists them." - Game Informer

"Bringing the nostalgia factor and blending it with modern gameplay and a ton of humor." - MMORPG

"Colourful, eye-catching, and a visually charming game." - Eurogamer

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Dragon Fin Soup Launch Trailer

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Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.

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